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Customer Service

We are totally aware that good customer service is lifeblood of any business. Good customer service ensures repeated orders and maintains longterm relationship. It will be proved by what we do, not by what we say.


1.Fast Feedback

Be responsible and quick respond to any inquiry, communication, trouble shooting etc.


2.Complete Color System and Quality Assurance

Our color system and quality stability has been testmonized for dacades.


3.New Product Development

The world is changing and new colors emerge accordingly. It is a must to step up with new reqirements of customers'


4. Training

We constantly hold color matching training for our dealers. Up to now, it is only for domestic market.


5.Trouble Shooting

It is inevitable  to have problems in application. We take responsible attitude to face them, clarifying problems, finding out the causes and giving out solutions.


6. Fast Shipment

Stable raw material sources, energitic and responsible staff, effective management to assure fast shipment to satisfy our customers' need